What makes Japanese mayonnaise so special?

  1. Eggs

    While Ajinomoto mayonnaise uses whole eggs, KEWPIE Mayonnaise contains egg yolks instead of whole eggs. 450 g of mayonnaise contains four egg yolks.

  2. Vinegar

    Vinegar is very important raw material for mayonnaise. Vinegar with good taste and good flavour makes good mayonnaise. Moreover, it has effects of suppressing bacterial growth and preventing corruption.

  3. Umami

    Since the discovery of umami ingredients from Konbu in 1908, studies of umami have developed in Japan. A commitment to umami contributes to the product development of mayonnaise in Japan. Also in Japan ‘s Kewpie and Ajinomoto mayonnaise, it is described as “seasoning (amino acid)” in raw materials.

  4. A plastic bottle

    Also, mayonnaise is vulnerable to oxygen and flavour drops as vegetable oil oxidizes. So Japanese Mayonnaise is packed in an easy-to-handle squeeze bottle. This multi-layered plastic bottle helps to keep the oxygen out.

Let’s bring a taste of your mayonnaise closer to that of Japan. You can learn how to do it on this page.