Museum Cafe Polus is in the Hokkaido University Museum. I had soft ice cream made from Nishiokoppe milk. Nishiokoppe is a village in the north of Hokkaido. The flavour is only vanilla, but I’m sure that its creamy taste will change your image for boring vanilla ice cream.

Nishiokoppe soft ice cream

on-chan is a character of HBS (Hokkaido Broadcasting Service)

Cafe Data

Name: Museum Cafe Polus (ミュージアムカフェ ぽらす)
Genre: Cafe
Address: North 10, West 8 Hokkaido University Museum, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Phone: 080-1891-8073
OPEN : 8:30 ~ 22:00 (Monday~ Friday),  8:30 ~ 18:00 (Saturday, Sunday, and National Holiday)
English menu : n/a