About Mog Mog Kitchen

This blog is for all those who are interested in Japanese cuisine but are a bit tired of sushi and tempura.

“Mogu Mogu”, in the title, is a sound when we mumble something. I will introduce Japanese recipes using ingredients that are easy to get even abroad as much as possible and will suggest substitutions when it’s not easy. 

Feel free to ask anything about my recipes on my blog. Post your pictures when you try some of them!!

[Today’s Mog] (Updated on 3 Mar. 2018)

It seems like that spring has come. I feel spring with my nose. — Yes, allergy to cedar pollens! I have to visit my dad’s home where I don’t want to go today: There’s a huge cedar forest near there.

Today is Hinamatsuri, a girl’s day in Japan. When I was a little girl, my mum used to cook a special dish “Gomoku chirashi sushi (五目ちらし寿司)” for me. I’m cooking for myself today. The recipe will be posted soon!

A little about Me:

  • Twitter: @momonga_zukin
  • Birth Place: Saitama (Suburb of Tokyo )
  • Favourite Convenience Store: SEVEN ELEVEN
  • Favourite Monty Python: Eric Idle
  • Favourite App: Google Maps
  • Favourite Game: Dragon Quest 11
  • Favourite Place: Starbucks near my office
  • Tea or Coffee?: Definitely TEA!!! 
  • Allergy to: Cedar pollens, like most Japanese have.