How to make Dashi (Japanese soup stock, 出汁)

Basic soup stock in Japan is amazingly easy to make. Use Dashi for various Japanese dishes.


  • 6 cups of water
  • 15 cm of square kobu kelp
  • 40g of dried bonito flakes


  1. Wipe off the dirt and dust from the kombu kelp with paper towels.
  2. I used teabags today. You can get this item at 100 yen shops. Put some bonito flakes in the teabags.
  3. Put some water in a jar. Soak the kombu kelp and the bonito flakes in the water. Store in a fridge overnight.

    Before soaked
    After soaked
  4. Remove the kombu kelp and the bonito flakes.
  5. Use the dashi for any types of dishes. Now your dashi is ready!
  6. Put the dashi in an ice tray. The iced dashi can be stored in a freezer for about 2 weeks.


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